Twelve Gods Brewery is the most exclusive and upcoming independently owned Nano Brewery in the North East. Established in 2016, we are located in the heart of lower Fairfield County in Wilton, Connecticut.

We specialize in brewing limited batches of traditional Lagers and exciting new Ale beer styles with a modern godly twist. Using quality and locally sourced ingredients, we brew exclusively for the love of craft beer making.

We always explore and employ new brewing techniques and we brew with love to offer our people a divine beer drinking experience. If you want to follow our beer journey and stay up-to-date with what the gods are brewing, follow us on social media!

Our Lineup

Sun n’ Haze

Hazy India Pale Ale


Rice Honey Lager

Hazy Odyssey

New England IPA


Vienna Lager


Black IPA

Latest News

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