Dedicated To God-Inspired Beer Crafting.

According to Greek Mythology, the Twelve Gods who lived on Mount Olympus used to drink a divine drink, called “Nectar,” offering immortality to every human who was lucky enough to taste it.

Born in a small town on the foothills of Mt. Olympus, our founder was captivated by that ancient myth and decided to give a modern twist to the concept of “Nectar.”

Established in 2016, Twelve Gods Brewery is a new take on beer. Inspired by the mythological “Nectar of Gods,” Twelve Gods Brewery cannot offer immortality but aims to provide a unique beer experience.

Charmed By The Art Of Brewing.

Twelve Gods Brewery was created out of our deep love for the original art of beer making. We follow respectfully every single step of the process, from choosing the right ingredients all the way to tasting the final outcome.

We firmly believe that even though big brands dominate distribution and have all the marketing power, small breweries hide the authenticity and spirit to craft beers with a character that stands out.

Inspired By The Gods But Powered By The People.

Driven by the Twelve Gods’ philosophy, we brew with love to offer people a divine experience.

Based on traditional recipes with a godly twist, we create beers for our friends, family, and everyone who wants to enjoy a beer that is worth drinking.

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