Local Craft Beer Producer Seeks Changes to Liquor Ordinance and Zoning Regs to Open Brewery in Wilton

The Twelve Gods Brewery owners say Wilton is missing out on the craft beer boom that is benefiting other communities socially and economically.

We have send a letter to the town of Wilton.

Craft breweries have experienced tremendous growth and popularity in recent years, serving as both producers of high-quality beverages and vibrant gathering places for residents and visitors alike and we believe that our town has an opportunity to join the communities across the nation that have embraced the growth of craft breweries and the cultural, economic, and social benefits they bring.” 

The Twelve Gods team went on to ask the selectmen to consider a change to Wilton’s liquor ordinance, which currently allows the sale of alcohol under country club, restaurant and liquor stores permits. Since a brewery would not fall under any of those classifications, Twelve Gods is seeking:

  • a change to the Town’s liquor ordinance that would permit the sale of alcohol under a brewery permit
  • an amendment in Wilton’s zoning regulations to allow such a brewery — as defined by Connecticut statutes as a manufacturer of beer — under a special permit in General Business District zones

“It is time for Wilton to join the rest of the state and become a part of this popular and growing industry and allow for the manufacture and sale of craft-brewed beverages in town,”

Find the full article from GOOD MORNING WILTON here: https://goodmorningwilton.com/local-craft-beer-producer-seeks-changes-to-liquor-ordinance-and-zoning-regs-to-open-brewery-in-wilton/